“I was Never Called to be a Missionary. I Volunteered.”

Weekend Links (August 6, 2011)

This weeks collection of links, and always remember–just because I put it here doesn’t mean I endorse everything they say. But everything they say is something worth reading and praying over.

Growing as a Leader

Stop Focusing on What’s Wrong (Leadership Freak)
The Intoxication of Pride (Thom Rainer)
Mark Dever on Church Discipline: Don’t Do It! (Mark Dever)
A Passion for the Lost  (Harvest Ministries)
Does the Pastor Know Why/How Small Groups Work? (Mark Howell)

Becoming Sound in Doctrine

A Must Read Article on Biblical Interpretation (Kevin DeYoung -long and worth it.)
Why in Heaven’s Name Does Hell Matter? (John Piper)

Engaging with the Culture

NASA’s New Research Disputes Global Warming (NASA)

Growing as a Christian

I was Never Called to be a Missionary. I Volunteered. (David Sitton)
Fighting for Innocence from Sin (Gabrielle Pickle)
How to See the Hand of God in Your Suffering (John Flavel)

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