Links for the Fourth of July Weekend 2011

The presence of a link here is not necessarily and endorsement. These were some of the more interesting and informative links I read this week. May they help shape your own worldview and engagement in the world. [BOLD means an especially important or provocative post]

Personal Growth

The reason Mormon religion horrifies Christians (Stand to Reason)
Love Your Enemies (John Piper)
Bad Leadership is, well … Bad. (Ron Edmondson)
Overcoming the Need to Please (Leadership Freak)

Understanding Culture

New Darfur Happening (NPR)
The President is Within His Rights: Unfortunately (NPR)
Thank You, Eric Cantor! (Star Parker)
The Danger of Browser Bubbles (Eli Pariser)
The Best Books on Fighting Poverty (World Magazine)
Bravo for the NY Catholic Bishops (CNS News)
Unconstitutional Power Being Placed in the President’s Hands (Fascinating Video)
How Far will the President Go? (NPR and the Weekly Standard)
What Does the “NY View” on Homosexuality Mean? (John Piper)
More Evidence that We are Losing Our Minds in America (Fake Babies)

Parenting and Family Issues

Your Children are Not Bi-Polar: The Doctor is Wrong (Newsweek)
Primary School Bible Instruction (Open-the-book)
More Gender Wars Coming to America? (Swedish Schools)
Christian Divorce Rate Myth (Finally, better data)

Defending the Faith and the Bible

More Distortion of Evidence by Evolutionists (short video)

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