No Finger Pointing, … Just sayin’

Friday is for Heart Songs

jc-ryle-in-his-study1More from the good Dr. Ryle.

Can we really believe that people are praying against sin night and day, when we see them plunging into it? Can we suppose they pray against the world, when they are entirely absorbed and taken up with its pursuits? Can we think they really ask God for grace to serve him, when they do not show the slightest desire to serve him at all? Oh, no, it is plain as daylight that the great majority of men either ask nothing of God or do not mean what they say  when they do ask, which is just the same thing. (A Call to Prayer: An Urgent Plea to Enter into the Secret Place, p. 7)

“Oh God, make my heart passionate about killing sin in my life. I don’t want to get caught up in Spirit-less self-improvement plans. But I do want to be drawn to you. Purify my heart. Make me a man who means what he prays. Bend my heart to a holy affection. Offend me and fill me with grief over my own sin that I might empty my soul in confession and you might fill me with your grace. For the expression of your glory, do this in your servant’s life that I might be a beacon pointing others to you. In Jesus name. Amen.”

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