Nurturing Your Leaders; Helping Leaders Lead; Getting More Done; What the Gospel is and isn’t; Intelligent Design

Weekend Links

leadership-jigsawSome of the more interesting and helping things I read this week: (The presence of a link here is not an endorsement of all the ideas contained in a post.)

Nurturing Your Leadership Skills

You get more done when you do less (Leadership Freak)
Leading Next-gen Leaders (Brian Dodd)
Helping Those You Lead become Better Leaders (Dan Rockwell)

Nurturing Your Understanding of the Gospel

The gospel is not God’s plan for making bad people good; it’s God’s plan for making dead people alive. (Resurgence)

Nurturing Your Ability to Engage the Culture

Intelligent Design at the Level of Cell Structures (Video)
New Head of Democratic Campaign Committee Ran Abortion Mill (Matthew Arnold)
Rachel Maddow is Absolutely Right (Why Republicans are hypocrites)
More Example of Failed Command and Control Economic Ideas (Michelle Malkin) —David Vitter should resign and so should Anthony Weiner
Is Economic Growth Being Stunted to Appease Labor Unions (George Will)
Why Ann Coulter’s New Book is Important (David Limbaugh)

Nurturing Your Engagement with the Arts

Interview with Playwright David Mamet (Long but worthwhile)

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