Stop Planting Churches: Do Something Better

Tuesday is for Preaching

But he said to them,
“I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns as well;
for I was sent for this purpose.”
[Luke 4:43 (ESV)]

The harvest is waiting.This is why you were called to plant a church-planting church. There are other people in other towns who must hear the good news of the Kingdom of God. This is the reason Jesus was sent by the Father and this is the reason you were sent out to preach as well.

Keep this vision in front of your people. Whether you are shepherding a house church or a more “traditional” church, you need to keep a vision of a world in need of the gospel on the front burner. If you don’t, the natural beat of their heart will be to turn inward to their own concerns and interests. They will forget that others need to hear. They will grow dull of heart even to their own need for the gospel and eventually forget their call to love their neighbor as they love themselves.

Don’t plant a church. Plant a CHURCH-PLANTING church with Jesus at the center and the hope of the gospel, not your personality, as its message and passion.

4 thoughts on “Stop Planting Churches: Do Something Better

  1. Marty, Amen and Amen! Nothing is more costly, and at the same time more fulfilling than this. We can rest when we go home to be with the Lord… Let us occupy till He comes!


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