Praying through the Names of God

Wednesday is for Prayer

How do You name Yourself in these passages? (Revelation 2-3)

  • 2:1  The One who holds the seven stars in his right hand
  • 2:7   The One who walks among the seven golden lampstands
  • 2:8   The first and the last
  • 2:8   (The One) who was dead and has come to life
  • 2:12 The One who has a sharp two-edged sword
  • 2:18 The Son of God
  • 2:18 (The One) whose eye is like a flame of fire
  • 2:18 (The One) whose feet are like burnished bronze
  • 2:23 He who searches minds and hearts
  • 3:1   He who has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars
  • 3:7   He who is holy
  • 3:7   (He) who is true
  • 3:7   (He) who has the key of David
  • 3:7   (He) who opens and no one shuts
  • 3:14  The Amen
  • 3:14 The faithful and true witness
  • 3:14 The origin of the creation of God

“O Christ, You are worthy. Worthy to receive all glory and honor and praise. Help me Lord to give You all that You deserve. You are the One who opens and shuts—would You open my heart to a greater passion and holiness? For if You open —no one can shut it. Open my heart. Open my heart. For the glory of Your Name would You do this? Amen.”

May God do in our hearts in our time what only He can do. May His Spirit open our hearts to more of Him that we might show the world the beauty of Christ and the gospel.


How does prayer inform your study of the Word of God?

2 thoughts on “Praying through the Names of God

  1. This reminds me of a comment that a friend frequently makes, that when he stands in front of a congregation and announces that it is time to praise the Lord, the response usually is a shouted, “Praise the Lord.”

    From time to time, I begin a worship time in the prison by first discussing the difference between thanksgiving and praise (thanksgiving is offering appreciation for the gift, praise is offering appreciation for character of the giver) and then going around the room asking each man to offer a one sentence praise It can be a struggle for all of us to distinguish between the two.

    I may begin tonight with Rev. 2-3 and see how many praises the men can pull from this passage.


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