Intensely Local: God gave you that house, how will you use it for His glory?

“Using what you have, where you are, whom you are among, to make a difference for Christ.” 

Here’s a series of exercises to help your small group or house church begin to develop an Intensely Local texture to their ministry.

Principle: The home and the ‘hood rather than the church building and programs, are the primary resources for ministry in an intensely local movement.

Exercise: Have your small group or house church think of ten ways to use each of the following resources to build relationships or serve your neighborhood. (variations: Think of ten ways … for individuals; ten ways … for a group; ten ways … for a children; ten ways for … the summer; ten ways for … the winter)

  • Front porch
  • Back deck
  • Back yard
  • Front driveway
  • Garage
  • Living room
  • Family room
  • Kitchen

Got your list?  Now spend 15 minutes in prayer as a group over which options show the most promise. Next, spend 20 minutes working to consensus on one or two that you or your group/church will work on over the next quarter.

Go for it. Start loving your neighbors and doing life with them instead of your TV.

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