Where are You Going with Your Preaching?

Tuesday is for Preaching

Thesis: Most messages require a firm structure for maximum audience involvement. Therefore, I prefer to phrase titles and principles/points in ways that:

First, …

  1. Begin to hint at application for the hearer. I try to stay away from titles that are merely descriptive, for example “Joshua Leads the People to Conquer the Land” might be an accurate description of what is going on in the book of Joshua but it is a title covered in ancient dust and sounds like a history lesson rather than a life-giving word for the contemporary listener. “Conquering Life by the Power of God,” on the other hand begins to hint at what the listener should take away from the time that the speaker is about to purchase out of the life time of the congregation. The former creates a disinterested heart while the latter has the potential to motivate that heart to hear more.
  2. I strive for 10 words or less, declarative sentences, with mostly monosyllabic words if possible. So, the phrase “Conquering life by the Power of God” might become the sentence, “Make a Life by the Power of God.”

Second, …

  1. I want to attempt in every message to do what Jesus did on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35), what Philip apparently did with the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-40, see especially vs. 35), and what Spurgeon attempted to do in all of his messages.[1] I want to beat a path to the cross in each message. I am a church planter and trainer of church planters. It is my assumption that people need to hear the gospel regularly for it is the power of God unto salvation and the means of their belief (cf. Romans 1:16-17; 10:14-15). In addition, a preacher’s clear and regular exposition of the gospel verities is perhaps the primary way that a congregation learns to share the gospel themselves.
  2. With every message, I want to show the Christological center of the Bible. I want to help the Bible become less mysterious and more wonderful for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I want each message to unfold the glories of the mystery of the Gospel in ways that exalt the risen Christ and enrapture the heart with a passion to obey the Scriptures with a love that flows from a sincere faith.


  • What is your goal in preaching?
  • Is  there anyone who regularly evaluates your preaching against your goals? (besides yourself and your spouse)
  • What is your plan for improving the structure of your messages?

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[1] “Spurgeon once described his approach to preaching by saying, ‘I take my text and make a bee-line to the cross.’”  Christian History: Charles Haddon Spurgeon. electronic ed. Carol Stream Ill.: Christianity Today, 1991; Published in electronic form by Logos Research Systems, 1996.

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