“Join with Me in Suffering for the Gospel”

Monday Discussion

Therefore, do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord,
or of me His prisoner,
but join with me in suffering for the gospel
according to the power of God.”

(2 Timothy 1:8)

Image of St PaulPaul is an old man whose life is about to be poured out as a drink offering to God (4:6).
He knows his time is short.
He knows that his mission has placed him in prison.
He knows that his mission is about to cost him his life.

And he invites a young man to boldly follow in his footsteps and join him in suffering for the gospel.

“Oh God, give us such men for these times. Make me such a man for your glory and the joy of the nations. For the spread of the fame of Jesus, would you do this in me, through me, and in all with whom you give me opportunity to influence. Amen.”


  1. Is your ministry producing men and women willing to lay down their lives for the gospel, willing to suffer for the gospel?
  2. [Updated 11-11-17] Would you join me in praying for this every Monday for the rest of this year? [If yes, click comment and say YES.]

8 thoughts on ““Join with Me in Suffering for the Gospel”

  1. I met one of these men last week. His name is Jeremy Langley and he needs your prayers. Health issues as a result of laying his life down for the gospel. Please keep him in prayer.


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