Muslims Coming to Christ in Record Numbers

Friday is for Heart Songs

 Islamic MosqueHere’s a bit of news you won’t find reported in the secular media. Unfortunate, because it offers real hope to the entire peace-loving world.

The news around the world is not great on the economic front for any country. But when reports come in like this, The Christian’s heart has got to sing. The following quote comes from the founder and president of one of the most effective Church Planting organizations in the world. I am leaving both his name and the country from which he is reporting out of this post, but the news is fantastic.

One of our brothers from the Arab World, whose name we will shield for his safety, shared the good news with us that 70 mosques have shut down in southern _________ because Muslims are coming to Jesus at such a great rate that the mosques have emptied!

With the prominance of extreme Islamic fundamentalism in the country from which this was reported, this is good news and hope for the entire world, Christian and non-Christian alike. Pray for your new brothers and sisters in Christ. And pray that such a movement might start here in the States.

6 thoughts on “Muslims Coming to Christ in Record Numbers

  1. That’s awesome news. It seems like in America all we basically hear is how islam/muslims are the fastest growing religion nowadays with the planting of new mosques going on everywhere. Seldom do I ever hear of muslims converting to Christianity. What’s happening to us in America is very scary.


  2. Marty, this is indeed good news. I trust that this fact can be substantiated. If so, this does indeed make my heart sing. There is a growing population of Muslims in our city in South Florida. Two new mosques built in just the last 18 months, 4 blocks from each other.

    I suppose what is most encouraging is that the Gospel is real, and that God get’s his elect, no matter where they are in the world or what religion they support.


    1. Ryan, information comes from a reliable source. It is sensitive so I left out the country, but I know the missionary who made the report. Great news about the Good News’ advance.


  3. Marty, how cool you’ll be heading to Dearborn! I would really enjoy that. I will be coming to the Arab festival here in Southern California though. I am trying to establish a campus outreach to Muslims here on campuses in the Pacific Southwest Region.


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