Intensely Local Prayer –Passionate and Personal

Wednesday is for Prayer

Intensely local prayer is not content to pray for “God to bless everyone.”  It flows from a real life engagement with the sorrows, joys, crises and triumphs, hopes and disappointments of our neighbors. It is passionate because it is personal.

Relational connectedness is the fuel of intensely local prayer. When we weep with our neighbors, when we celebrate with our neighbors, when we know their private agonies and their incapacitating fears, when we rescue their sons and daughters from a male-absent world; when we serve along side them and lay hold of their dreams and aspirations–these are the both the fuel and the content of our prayers. This is the “matter” that God’s Spirit uses to inflame our prayer with fervor and life.

And that is why most of us pray such feeble prayers.  There is no tinder of knowledge and relationship for the Spirit of God to ignite.

3 thoughts on “Intensely Local Prayer –Passionate and Personal

  1. Get to know, really know your neighbors, and watch the passion of your prayer change. Watch it deepen, watch it grow, watch your heart for the things of God develop a new intimacy and joy.


  2. Hey Bob, saw your youngest daughter and oldest son the other day. Treasures, both of them. I will pray for your opportunities to be salt and light in the circles you frequent. I know the job situation is challenging but your family appreciates your work.


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