Betty Hamm is with Jesus

Betty Hamm, a friend and former staff member with me at New Song Church has gone home to be with Jesus. Betty was a delight and now she is enjoying the delights of a face to face encounter with the Savior she loved and served. I am jealous, sad, concerned for her family, grieving with and for my own children, each of whom had a special relationship with Betty.

Betty was the creative director for our worship services at New Song. But she was more than that, much more. She was a mentor and developer of young people in their creative pursuits. She was the wife her husband Henry delighted in and the companion that every friend wanted. She was fun, zany, creative, faithful, always ready to try something new and committed to communicating the gospel in any way possible.

I am sitting in South Dakota, having driven here to pick up my son from college. With me are Meredith my daughter and her husband Dan, who drove here a day earlier to spend the day with Marty and his fiance, Anna, and Aubre my youngest. All of them have been significantly impacted by the extraordinary woman who now resides with Jesus.

Marty, Anna, Dan, Aubre all acted in plays and sketches that Betty directed. Meredith worked alongside of Betty in numerous projects and activities and countless after worship lunches where she invested in young people’s lives with encouragement and laughter and prayer and endless hours of conversation.

This isn’t my computer. I have to go. But I at least wanted to honor my friend with this brief word.

Please keep Henry and Jacob and Jessie in your prayers as they grieve the loss of their wife and mother.

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