“Shout out” for a young missional blogger

YoungBelieversPassing on a shout out for Tiffany D. Smith at (http://tiffanydsmith.wordpress.com) who posted the following:

Did you know…

  • Perpetua (the courageous early martyr) was only 22.
  • Athanasius of Alexandria was 29 when he argued successfully for the divinity of Christ at the historic Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.
  • Martin Luther was in his early 30’s when he nailed his 95 theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg.
  • John Calvin was just 26 when he penned his landmark tome, Institutes of the Christian Religion.
  • Charles Spurgeon was only 19 when he was called to take the pastorate of London’s famed New Park Street Chapel, the largest Baptist congregation in all of England at the time.
  • Missionary Jim Elliot and musician Keith Green both died before 30.
It is most evident that God uses young leaders to accomplish mighty works in the name of Christ… We should equip, encourage, and empower this generation of young leaders to go beyond what we could ever imagine when we were in their young shoes!

Yep! That’s why I’m giving my remaining years to investing in twenty somethings.  Good job Tiffany and a good blog too. May your tribe increase and multiply.

2 thoughts on ““Shout out” for a young missional blogger

  1. What is remarkable is the caliber of these individuals at such a young age. They were standouts, as well as courageous. Very few 20-somethings in 21st century America are worthy of comparison, by a long shot, myself definitely included. That should be a wake up call and motivator for us!


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