A Trip to the Arboretum and a Prayer for its Visitors

Friday is for Heart Songs

Morton Arboretum 2Took a stroll through the Morton Arboretum with my very cool wife (26 years this September). Great sights, great exercise, great company, beautiful day. Prayed some prayers, ate some food, and thought I would come back and post something from the archives and another stroll through the pine groves at Morton.  Have a great weekend.

A Prayer for Arboretum Visitors  (November 2007)

Morton Arboretum 3Oh, see more.
More than beauty and delight
Crispness and crunch.

In the sunlight, see more.
In the beauty of these hills,
In the darkness under those pines,
The breath of these prairies,
The whisper of this wind,
And the play of these squirrels.

Oh, see more than these.
See Him who shapes it all
Today, not less than yesterday.
He shaped it all
For you and for your spirit.
Today, He whispers too.
And calls you to see more.
See Him.

(from the archives of November 2007)

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