Thoughts to Deepen Your Walk of Prayer

Wednesday is for Prayer

The fine sensitive relationship which exists between God’s Spirit and our spirit needs all the relaxed quietness and receptivity possible.”

Rosalind Rinker
Prayer: Conversing with God, 29.

Question for Church Planters and Everyone Else:

  1. Does the pace of our lives drown out the voice of God?  Does the “urgency” of ministry destroy our ability to attend to God
  2. Does the ambition of our vision plug our ears to the sound of the “still, and small voice” of God?
  3. Does the need of the moment compel you to read, but not think and reflect, about any of these questions very long or very deeply?

Perhaps now is the time to schedule your next (or first) prayer retreat to get away and listen for the voice of God in His word.
Do it.
Tell some one about your intention.
Ask them to hold you accountable.

Then, go do it!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts to Deepen Your Walk of Prayer

  1. My prayer life has taken a leap this week. Why? Because I’ve realized that in order for me to live “sober and vigilant” (clarity of mind) I absolutely have to pray. I’m much happier when I pray (ask my wife), I’m more patient, I’m more loving and compassionate and most importantly I am aware of temptation and sin around me. Without an active prayer life, I find myself walking in a foggy cloud of grey areas and disconnection trying to minister out of my own strength. Prayer brings the focus to my day and direction from the throne. Benny Hinn (our Pentecostal brother) once said “The more time you spend on your knees, the less flesh remains.” That’s always stuck with me.


  2. I find myself walking in a foggy cloud of grey
    Whene’er, in the morning, I forget to pray
    The more time I spend humbly upon my knees
    The less flesh remains to direct my needs

    you have a wonderful site… keep up the golden work that you do.


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