Church Planters and their Wives

church planting 2Yes I know. I’ve already turned some of you off.  But my conviction is that the lead church planter is male.

I’m not a sexist. I don’t hate women.  And all the women in my life are strong-willed, opinionated, multi-talented and incredibly competent.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This post is about what it takes to be a great church planter’s wife.

First, a couple of resources:

  • The Dynamic Daughter Church Planting Handbook, by Paul Becker and Mark Williams, ( chapters 5-7 in Section three are invaluable and should be read by any church planter and spouse.
  • Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome, by Kent and Barbara Hughes is a tremendous release for any who are feeling the pressure of unrealistic and unbiblical expectations. (Crossway Books)
  • My Husband Wants to Be a Church Planter, So What Will that Make Me?, Compiled and edited by John M. Bailey and Sherri Jacelski promises in its clever title exactly what it delivers, help for wives trying to figure out how to best use their gifts in the church planting arena.  (North American Mission Board)

With that list of resources, I’ll shut up now until after I talk to my wife and find out what she would say to gifted women who God calls to be wives to church planters. Maybe I can talk her into doing a guest post.  (Currently, the Great Lakes District Leadership team is trying to encourage my bride to do something, [a retreat, a seminar, an article, a discipleship group] for church planters’s wives.)

I guess they figure anyone who could stay and thrive with the likes of me, must have something worth passing on to others.  They’re right. She’s awesome.  Stay tuned for more soon.

3 thoughts on “Church Planters and their Wives

  1. Stephnie should do something! She’s a great teacher . . . and she’s really funny to listen to when she talks about her experiences! I am not a church planter’s wife, but I would love to hear her speak about anything!


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