Psalm 62 and Trust Issues

Heart Songs

Read Psalm 62.

“How my heart longs to trust in something, anything other than You Lord!  It is so easy for me to run away, to trust in education, or technology, or friends, or persuasiveness, or hard work, or personality or reputation or books or human calculation.
But it is You I must train my heart to trust. You are the only rock, the only fortress, the only refuge that is completely and eternally impregnable. Pull my soul to Yourself oh God. Don’t let me trust in anything but You.”

Golden Calf IdolAn Idol Worshiper’s Prayer

You are the refuge my soul needs.
And You are the safety my humanness fights.
I don’t want to trust an unseen God.
I want to trust the gods I can see,
the ones I can make,
The ones I can manipulate.
I am a creator of idols.
I am an idol worshiper at heart.

But I will not be shaken,
only if

I crush my idols into dust,
So You can raise my dust to glory.

Keep me from deluding myself oh God.
Bend my spirit back to You
For You,
You alone

are the refuge my soul needs.

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