Other Heroines Forgotten in Time

There are so many heroes and heroines that time has forgotten related to the gospel’s advance and the proclamation of the name of Jesus (Acts 4:12). Tonight my bride and daughter and two grandchildren started to watch the Ingrid Bergman movie, “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”. It is the story of Gladys Aylward, a missionary to China, roughly told in a not always accurate way by the Hollywood industry more interested in a romantic story than the truth. Still, it provided a good discussion since four of the people in the room had actually read an actual biography of Miss Aylward. 

For movie purposes, the train ride alone would have been a great story—a single woman traveling from England to China, through France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Siberia and finally arriving in Tientsin, China with all the world gearing up for war! Wow. Alas, the movie spends about 5 minutes on the whole trip. What a brave and determined woman Gladys was and she certainly had God’s protection and providence with her. I also wanted to know more about the woman that preceded Gladys and to whom Gladys actually went to assist when she went to China. Her name was Jeanne Lawson and what a life she lived! Someone should make a movie of her life. 

But they haven’t so here is a short, and inspiring account of her remarkable life. 

Jeanne Lawson short bio (click here).

And here is a link to the Encyclopedia.com article on Gladys Aylward followed by the Wikipedia article on same.

Encyclopedia.com for Gladys Alward

Wikipedia for Gladys Aylward



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