We Lost Another Giant in the Land

I woke this morning to the news that George Verwer has gone home to be with the Lord he loved and served so well in the times of his sojourn. 84 years God gave him, and you can count me among the ones he had a transformative influence. I never met him. I never heard him speak live and rarely through recording, but O how thankful I am that he wrote books and articles. Those I have read were always encouraging, challenging, insightful, honest, unafraid and bold. They were saturated with a passion for both his LORD and for those He came to save. We will miss him. 

Who will rise to fill his shoes? I hope you are praying for that.

Here is a link to a brief retrospective on the life of George Verwer by one of the men he mentored.

If you want an introduction to his life and thought, right now on Amazon Kindle there is a collection of his works for just .99 cents!  Click here for your copy. One of the best investments you could make today.

“Thank you Lord for giving the world men like George.
Oh God, give us more, that the nations would exalt Your great name.
From underneath the blood of Christ, I ask it, Amen.” 

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