Jimmy Stewart Movie Wisdom

I love a good Jimmy Stewart movie, which means I love them all. I can’t think of a bad Jimmy Stewart movie. So if you are a Gen-x or Gen-Z person reading this and you don’t know who or what I am talking about, you have some great discoveries ahead of you. Last Friday on my day off, my day of rest, I was able to take another look at one the movies that was among Mr. Stewart’s favorites, HARVEY. No spoilers from me but I want to share just one line from the movie. It is a line that might be even more relevant today when we think of our online presence.

“Mother always said, . . . ‘Elwood, in this world, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant.’ For years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.”

Elwood Dowd
(Jimmy Stewart, in Harvey)

Be pleasant. 

Be less angry and more pleasant.
Be the most generous hearted person in the room, for the sake of Christ.

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