Four New Books on My Night Stand

Four new books I’m putting on the top of my nightstand. Loving each one.
  1. Historical Criticism of the Bible: Methodology or Ideology? Reflections of a Bultmannian turned Evangelical, by Dr. Eta Linemann. Dr. Linemann was a German scholar who was a personal student of Rudolph Bultmann. She taught for almost two decades in the German University system until two things happened. One, she started to reexamine the presuppositions of her “academic discipline” and found that they actually had little to commend them. Second, she experience a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and became a follower of the Savior. The book is both passionate and scholarly as she disassembles German higher criticism of the Bible. I am enjoying the read.
    Update: (3-22-23) This is my second time through Dr. Linemann’s book and just like my first time, I am impressed and inspired by her passion to share the the truth that freed her and changed her from a Bible-disbeliever to a Bible-believer.
  2. Origins of the Hebrews: New Evidence of Israelites in Egypt from Joseph to the Exodus, by Dr. Douglas Petrovich, This book was a gift from a friend of mine who is personal friends with the author. We were talking about the Exodus and God’s faithfulness and he started to tell me about Dr. Petrovich’s work. I said it sounded similar to the work of Eugene Merrill and he offered to talk to Dr. Petrovich about sending me a copy. Today it arrived and I have started to read it. Already, I can sense an excitement in my heart about what he presents. 
    Update: (3-22-23) Densely textured arguments that requires undistracted attention. Only 20 pages in, but I am impressed with his knowledge of ANE and excited about the books potential. I would love to interview him on a host of issues.
  3. Grocery Row Gardening: The Exciting New Permaculture System, by David the Good. The author of this little book, is a delight for two reasons. One, he loves to experiment in his garden and pass on what he learns. Two, he is a kindred spirit with  my son-in-law, Dan Aldrin—loves his family, extremely creative, fun, hard working, clever, opinionated, loves to learn, and loves Jesus. I’ve watched some of his Youtube videos and think David the Good and Dan would be fast friends. (I’m also looking into his little book, COMPOST EVERYTHING, and giving serious consideration to a T-shirt he sells that declares, “Compost your Enemies”.)
    Update: (3-22-23) Almost finished. Helpful for the experienced gardener or the novice. Both would be helped by some illustrations or pictures describing the techniques described. Easy read.
  4. Ten Books that Screwed Up the World: and Five Others that Didn’t Help, by Dr. Benjamin Wiker. A couple of the books surprised me, a few that weren’t included surprised me too. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to reading it. Ideas have consequences. And the ideas in these books are major contributors to the messed up world we live in. I am looking forward to learning much more about how these ideas have shaped the world into the chaos of our culture. By the way, the opening paragraph in the introduction is so lucid and powerfully stated that it creates excitement in my heart to turn each page in the book.  
    Update: (2-22-23) I have finished the first two chapters, reading on my kindle app and I am regretting not buying a physical copy. Extremely well written, with incisive analysis and biting wit as well as pockets of great humor, this book is worth reading again and again. 

If you want to join me in reading any of them, I would love to discuss them here. Let’s learn together.

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