First Take on the New “Jesus Revolution” Movie

Took my bride to the movies this afternoon. On tap? Our lives.

We went out to see the new “Jesus Revolution” movie. Both of us came to faith in the years covered in the movie’s topic. Well, for me its was about 18 months after the close of the movie. But I remember both issues of Time Magazine that bracket the movie. On April 8, 1966, Time ran a cover, the first one ever without a picture, simply titled, IS GOD DEAD? against a black backdrop. On June 21, 1971, just 5 years later, God demonstrated He was alive and the cover of Time was now JESUS REVOLUTION. God made a comeback! 

The JESUS REVOLUTION of the late 60’s and early 70’s changed, without any exaggeration, millions of lives. Flawed people with flawed theology and flawed lives are used by God time and time again. Don’t miss that. Be discerning, but don’t miss that.

This is how revival happens.

There were flawed people with flawed theology and flawed lives in what history calls
     ……………. The First Great Awakening of 1730-1755.
Likewise for the Second Great Awakening of 1790-1840.
Likewise for the Third Great Awakening of 1859-1861.
Likewise for the Great Welsh Revival of 1904-05.
Likewise for the Azuza Street Revival in Los Angelos of 1906-1912.
Likewise for the Asbury University Revival of 2023-? that seems to be overflowing to other places around the country. 

The Holy Spirit, who is flawless and perfect works through flawed people to bring revival to his people, and in each one, millions of people are swept into the church and lives are changed for eternity. The nation is changed too. And the changes are often a mixed bag. It will always be the case this side of heaven. We will always need to pray that God’s will be done “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Goats and sheep will always be mixed in the church, until Jesus comes again (like He promised)  to finally bring an end to sin and corruption (2 Timothy 4:1-2). Celebrate the gospel. Celebrate Jesus. And tell the world how wonderful Jesus is. Go see the movie. It is worth your time and your investment. 

Oh, and by the way, flawed people are used every week in every church in every country. Flawed people are who Jesus died for and who He uses to change the world. Pray for revival.

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