Cross-bought therefore Cross-shaped

It is a classic text. Jesus is laying out the cost of discipleship for those who want to be his disciples. The crowds have gotten large. The bandwagon is growing. Crowds draw crowds. Crowds that would fill most division one basketball arenas are sitting on hillsides straining to hear every word He says.

“Did you hear what the young preacher said to the Pharisees? He made it pretty clear he wasn’t pleased with them.” 
“Do you think he might be Elijah?”
“Do you think he is like one of the prophets of old?”
“Could he be the one that John the baptizer said is coming?”
“Do you think he might be the Messiah?”

It was time to begin to sift the crowd. Who were merely curious? Who were merely fans? Who were serious about living passionately for and like Him?

“If anyone wishes to come after Me,
…………..he must      deny himself, and
…………………………  …..take up his cross daily and
…………………….  ……….follow Me.”

Three requirements to move from a curious fan to a genuine disciple, a learning follower of Jesus:

  1. Deny self — Not our will but His will be done.
  2. Take up your cross daily — No days off.
  3. Follow Him — Live passionately for and like .

So here are a few different ways to  conceptualize what that looks like:

  • We are cross-bought therefore we should be a cross-shaped people.
  • We were bought by the sacrifice of the cross and our lives should look like a sacrifice for Him.
  • We saw the love of God displayed for us at the cross and the world will only see and believe our love for them when our lives looks like a sacrifice of love for them.

Let’s do it.
Let’s live passionately for and like Christ.


2 thoughts on “Cross-bought therefore Cross-shaped

  1. Marty, I always find your article thought-provoking and even life-changing. This is one of those articles that is a reminder that we are to daily pick up our cross and follow Him. You said it so well, “We were bought by the sacrifice of the cross and our lives should look like a sacrifice for Him.”


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