The Discussion We Need to Have with Pastors

I want to restart this conversation. Please pass it along to your pastor.

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Monday Discussion

One of the great disappointments of any gathering of pastors is how much of the discussion around our tables, at our conferences, ministerials and seminars revolves around trivialities. We talk more about systems and programs, size of churches, staff hires, staff departures, grumblers and controllers, elders and deacons, ministry structures, what my friend Colin Marshall calls“Trellis Building”or “how to satisfy different groups” in our churches, than we do about Jesus and the wonder of the gospel.

There are exceptions of course. The Bethlehem Pastor’s Conference is one, but unfortunately, denominational conferences and local ministerials are filled with banal, soul-devouring trivia. There is very little discussion of a whole host of important and neglected topics:

  1. How do we exalt Christ better?
  2. How do we love one another better?
  3. How do we follow Jesus to the lost better?
  4. How do we call people outside and inside the church…

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