Why Dostoevsky is Worth Your Time

Because of my love for Russian novelists, I was recently asked why people think Dostoevsky is so great. So for what it’s worth, here’s my short answer. 

  1. Because his character descriptions are densely textured and believable.
  2. Because his phycological understanding of humanity is complex and yet understandable.
  3. Because he deals with universal issues and questions.
  4. Because his story telling is powerful, intense, sympathetic and interesting.
  5. Because he is Russian and Russian novelists (as a rule) have a well-earned reputation for excellence.
  6. Because he is one of the best writers of all time.

For my money, I would start with THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV  or  CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. Both are classics. Both will give you hours or entertainment but will also give you great philosophical education and new tools to diagnose the cultural ills of our times. And if you are a pastor, hundreds of sermon illustrations.

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