The Six “I am” Statements of Psalm 119

There are endless fascinations to be found in Psalm 119. It is an acrostic psalm. It is the longest psalm. Nearly every verse mentions the word of God. Study the word “affliction” some time. After that you might try looking at the word “meditate” (see also “desire”, “delight” and other words associated with cherishing the word of God) in the psalm. Another line of thought would be to study the blessings and promises associated with obedience. Or you might try looking up these six passages and spend some time meditating on their application to us in our situation.

Read Psalm 119:
  • “I am a stranger in the earth”   vs. 19

  • “I am the companion of all those who fear You”   vs. 63

  • “I am Yours”   vs. 94

  • “I am exceedingly afflicted”   vs. 107

  • “I am Your servant”   vs. 125

  • “I am small and despised”   vs. 141

Here’s a few of thoughts to prime the pump to your soul.

If I am a stranger in the earth,
            it is because I am a citizen of heaven.
If I am a companion of those who fear God,
            I will be despised by those who don’t.
If I belong to YHWH,
            I can not belong to the world.
If I am exceedingly afflicted,
            it is not without the God’s sovereign and good hand.
If I am the servant of God,
            it is for His purposes that I breathe.
And if I am small and despised,
            it is a reminder that it is for His glory not mine
            that He has called me to be a stranger on the earth.

“Father, make me a man who lives this truth every day. Help me to cherish my citizenship in Your kingdom and to not worry about those who despise me because of Your word’s hold on my heart. I belong to You Lord so don’t let the world get a hold on me. Make me a man willing to endure anything for Your glory. I want to be Your servant, living for Your next command while doing the last thing You told me to do. And if I am small, even smaller than my enemies think I am, let it be a reminder to me that You call all of us who are Yours to live for a different place, a higher glory and a bigger family than this world could ever contain. For the glory of Your Son’s name, Amen.”

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