Bad News for Unbelief

People like to feel powerful.

But there are times when it wise to know that you are powerless. And to act that way. You have heard the adage, “Your arm is too short to box with God.” Yeah. Don’t even try to get in that ring.

“Human strength can never impress an omnipotent God, and human bigness can never impress a God of infinite greatness. This is bad news for God’s competitors, but it is very good news for those who want to live by faith.”

“Enjoying God’s Being God”
John Piper in, A Godward Life, p. 53.

Yes, there will be vindication for those who live in the fear of God.

Recently the world has been wowed by space telescope pictures of faraway galaxies. The vastness and unexpected beauty of space and search for life is creating new energy in and for the sciences. On the same page as the quote above, John Piper reflected on similar vastness with these thoughts:

“The earth, where we live, is a small planet revolving around a star called the sun which has a volume 1.3 million times that of earth. There are stars a million times brighter than the sun. There are about a hundred billion stars in our galaxy, the Milky way, which is one hundred thousand light years across. (A light year is six million million miles.) The sun travels about 155 miles per second, and so it would take two hundred million years to make a single revolution on its orbit in the Milky way. There are a million other galaxies besides ours.” 

Now listen to Psalm 147:4

“He counts the number of the stars;
   ,   and he gives names to all of them.”

A God who can do that, is worthy of worship. And the size difference between his power and greatness is much greater than the dogs pictured at the head of this post. Like the size of the universe and the size of our third rock from the sun, the picture doesn’t even begin to show the difference between God and us, and yet our God condescended to become like one of us. How marvelous to belong to Christ!

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