Sanctifying the Night

Some thoughts on a wedding day

A May wedding on a glorious Saturday in South Carolina
is an invitation to remember that all of us have been invited
to another wedding and another celebration feast.
Like any invitation to any wedding
an invitee must respond to the invitation
to attend the wedding and enjoy the feast.

And now the wedding is over
and now the feast has finished
and now the celebration has begun.
But the invitation of the pastor to think about 
the larger feast of the King and His bride
lingers long in my soul, that the beauty of today’s wedding 
is but a shadow of the wedding feast to come.

And in the wonder of a marriage begun
a new longing has been birthed in my spirit
for the day when the Lamb will return and receive 
His bride to Himself.

A Benediction on the Day

“May God give us a yearning, a Christ-saturated longing for the day of His promised return.
May He give us rest this night and may we rise in the morning remembering that we are betrothed
and that our Betrothed is coming, the wedding day is coming, Christ is coming. Nothing will delay Him. Nothing will keep Him from keeping His promise. So may we sleep well this night and may we rise tomorrow in hopeful anticipation of the day that is closer than it has ever been. Amen.”

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