A Mid-day Prayer for Revival

Pray with me.

“Lord Jesus, we can do nothing without You.
We are so satiated with our comforts
      and toys,
      and games,
      and achievements,
      and power.
We are so infatuated with 
      new things,
      shiny things,
      beautiful things.
We fail to take up our cross,
      we fail to speak,
      we fail to live with a zeal and passion for You
          and Your kingdom
          and the world sees nothing supernatural
               about the lives we live.
They see nothing exceptional or noteworthy
about how we love them and sacrifice for them.
Instead, they see us live for the same things they do,
    our families,
    a little more comfort,
    a few new experiences,
    and a few more toys.
Forgive us Lord, but change us too.
We need a revival of our love for You.
We are desperate for it–-or we should be.
Whatever it takes Lord,
revive us for Your name’s sake.” 

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