Lending Books to Change the World

170 Foot Wide Tree

We are in Chicago attending a theology conference, but also . . .

  • raising awareness of our new ministry with Standing Stone Ministries,
  • acting as babysitters and large toys for our grandchildren,
  • visiting our daughters who still live in the area,
  • admiring the work and wonder of my son-in-law and my daughter’s ministry to their home group (tonight, 22 adults, 1 babysitter, 6 kids). Truly inspiring.
  • visiting every friend I can say hi to in the short span of days we will be here and then,
  • driving back the at least 15 hour trip to South Carolina.

Yes we will be both exhausted and refreshed when we get back home to sleep in our own bed and process all that God is doing in this phase of our lives. Along the way, I have been listening to hours and hours of some of John Piper’s best messages on missions and reaching the peoples of the nations with the life transforming message of the cross. The twelve messages (of Dr. Piper) and the 10 messages at the theology conference have filled me with awe and wonder about the majesty of God and His love for the peoples of the earth. 

And the week has inspired me to offer my personal library of missionary biographies to anyone locally who wants to read them. Contact me by email (chosen-rebel@hotmail.com) and tell me you want to read one and I will bring the book to your house. I will lend the book to you for two weeks and you will be inspired and blessed. When I return to South Carolina, I will list 10 different biographies on each of the next 5 Sundays starting next week that I think will inspire and encourage your heart for the glory of God among the people’s of the earth.

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