What Does It Mean to Thirst for God?

Read Psalm 63 

1   O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;
          my soul thirsts for you;
      my flesh faints for you,
          as in a dry and weary land where there is no water.


I was cutting the lawn
and trimming the bushes
and edging the driveway
and pulling weeds
and watering tomatoes
and raking debris
and chopping vines

and the sun was acting like a siphon
draining my body of moisture
putting the liquid I needed on the inside
on the outside of my skin
and I turned to my right to do . . .

something . . .

What was it?
One second ago I knew
But then, I didn’t know
and I kept turning
looking to find out why I had begun to turn.
But it eluded me.
It ran away from me
as I turned another 360 degrees.
What was I going to do?
It hid from me.
I didn’t know.

I lost it.
I couldn’t remember.
My flesh was failing me.
My flesh was faint.
I was in a dry and weary land.
There was no water.
I was lost.
     “Maybe I should call it a day.
      Maybe I should go inside.
      Maybe I should get a drink.”
But instead I stood
thirsty, parched, depleted, broken.
Until her voice rescued me.

Wisdom spoke from the balcony.
“Come in before you get heat stroke.”
Oh God, before my soul is struck,
before I lose my way,
before I turn in foggy circles
help me to find You

In a dry and weary land.
Help me to seek You, the Living Water.
Make me thirsty.
And satisfy me with Yourself.

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