Baptism Formulations that Sing to the Heart

This, from Doctrinal Preaching for Today, by Andrew Blackwood (p. 46):

In a backward tribe of Central Europe the meaning of baptism used to appear dramatically. In the presence of his tribesmen the new convert would stand facing the East and solemnly declare:

“I accept Thee, O Christ, as my Saviour and King. I shall serve Thee alone, forevermore.”

Turning to the West, he would say:

“I renounce thee, O Satan, and all thy works. Henceforth I shall serve thee no more, forever.”

That is an impressive way for any new believer in Christ to begin their new life in Christ. 

For sometime, I have believed that believers baptism is one of those times when even in “low church” ministries, we could do with a bit more formal structure. A ritual, like the one above would be a simple way to “start Christian discipleship well”.

What do you think?

And if you have heard any other great baptismal formulations, pass them on in the comments section.

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