COVID, COVID, Everywhere

This is a departure from what I usually post.

Covid is news everywhere. Yesterday, I read the report below from Tom Woods. Woods is a libertarian scholar, a podcaster, financial advisor and in general, a provocateur. He thinks the government’s policies related to COVID make no sense scientifically, economically or from the standpoint of the mental health of the nation. Disagree or agree with him, he delights in sharing scientific charts on how various countries approach to COVID compare to one another in terms of effectiveness. Here is his newsletter from yesterday. What do you think?

Today someone shared this chart, generated by the Financial Times. Try to pick out which one of these countries hasn’t implemented a vaccine passport system:

I’ll bet you know which one it is.Meanwhile, parts of Europe are going back into lockdown. Austria is locking down the one-third of the population that is unvaccinated. The Netherlands is 72% fully vaccinated and is going into lockdown for everyone, vaccinated and unvaccinated.Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of inanely blaming “the unvaccinated” for this, the robots on social media would at least admit that this isn’t how they expected it to go, and that there shouldn’t be this level of cases and deaths after the introduction of vaccines?It’s like Sweden: we were supposed to believe that Sweden would have one of the worst death rates in the world because it ignored the so-called experts demanding lockdown. Well, Sweden is currently #53 in the world for COVID death rate. Number fifty-three. Not one. Not two. Not ten. Not twenty. Fifty-three.The crazies are still criticizing Sweden, naturally. But my question is: when you were screaming hysterically at Sweden to lock down, did you think they’d end up all the way down at number 53 in the world in death rate? Aren’t you the least bit curious about that? Is there a chance that if we hadn’t wrecked societies it wouldn’t have made any difference anyway?Same with Florida: did the hysterics expect them to have one of the better rates of age-adjusted COVID mortality in the United States? Of course not. They were warning that Florida would be one of the worst.And yet in none of these cases can they bring themselves to say: thank goodness things turned out better than we predicted! Instead, they just double down.
Tom Woods


One thought on “COVID, COVID, Everywhere

  1. When the cure doesn’t fix the problem then you have a problem and this is exactly what is happening around the world as the lockdowns, restrictions, vaccines, and passports are not working yet it a case of “wash, rinse, repeat”.
    Good to see that I’m not the only one to be able to remember that Sweden’s approach has been out of kilter to the rest of the world from the beginning and now they are showing results that are better than other countries.
    Are our politicians waiting for a blinding white light and a loud “Pop” as they pull their heads out of their arses? Or is it that they got their mouths too firmly fixed to the teat of corporate money?


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