The Lovingkindness of the Shepherd of Israel


“Three key Hebrew verbs are used for leading a flock. Nahal means leading with tenderness and can refer to bringing a flock to a place of rest and refreshment. Nakhah is a straightforward guidance verb. Nahag suggests the kind of directive herding accomplished best from the back of the flock, when the will of the shepherd has to be imposed. These three verbs express the kind of leadership God provided for his people in Scripture and the kind of leadership he expected from anointed shepherds.

While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks
 Dr. Timothy S. Laniak, 196-197.

The kind of leadership that the church needs . . .

  1. Is tender and brings the flock to a place of rest and refreshment.
  2. Guides the flock in wise paths for decisions.
  3. Is willing to guide the flock to places (at times) that it doesn’t want to go.

Elders, Pastors, Directors of ministries, this is the kind of leadership the people of God need. Be bold. Be courageous. Be tender. Be directive. Trust in the Lord and do this good work. He is with you.


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