Use the Day. Spend it Well.

A Morning Call to Worship

“Our Mighty Rock, our Refuge, our LORD,
has watched us as we slept
and has prepared good works for us
to walk in this day.
Some of those good works are words we will speak,
    care we will give,
    a smile we will shine,
    a note we will write,
    an argument we will avoid.
In all these ‘works’ He calls us to glorify Him.
He Himself is our peace
and He calls us to be peacemakers.
So let us walk His peace into the dark place of life
    —the places that need hope,
    —the places that need faith,
    —the places that need the love of Christ.
Let us walk into those spaces
            and worship Him with lives of service,
            so saturated with His love
            that those we serve 
            sense His presence in our words,
            and praise Him for our lives.
                                           cf. Pslam 62:6-7 and Ephesians 2:10, 14

(Excerpt from Liturgies for Life: Sanctifying the Day, forthcoming book in 2022)

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