New Book Coming

One of the fortunate effects of our new COVID world is the opportunity for writers and artists to ply their trade or hobby with undistracted time. For me, it has proved to be a time of reflection that has produced the manuscripts for three new books. This one I hope to send off to a publisher later this Fall. One still needs a lot of work. And one, I will self-publish under the title 

The Ultimate Book of Names

Over the past 12 months I have been able to finish a study of each book of the Bible and the different names and terms for God in each book. I offered the first fruits of those studies as free PDF files here on the blog. But there was more work to be done on all of them and more ideas to work into the book than the initial list of names for each book. Plus, . . .

I wanted to double check every reference.
I wanted to add some other helps.
I planned brief studies on the

  • the major feasts
  • an excursus on wisdom literature
  • an excursus on Samuel, Kings and Chronicles
  • an excursus on the synoptic Gospels
  • languages helps for some of the most important words used for God 
  • additions of plans for multiple readings of some books where room would allow
  • a double check on all the footnotes and bibliography
  • multiple indeces to make it easier to search for particular names across books and much more.

So, would your pray for me.

And if you would like to use a prepublication copy of the book AND give me some feedback, let me know and I will get you a PDF copy that you can use for your own study and devotions.

God is jealous for His name. His names are a major avenue of His self-disclosure of His character. And if the variety of names and terms for God are any indication at all, there is a lot that God wants us to know about Him. The study of His names is a pathway to greater intimacy with God and a powerful stimulous to prayer. Teaser, there are more than 125 different names and terms for God in the Book of Isaiah alone. 

3 thoughts on “New Book Coming

  1. I would appreciate a pre-publication copy. Something I have often wished for. In fact, earlier today as I ran across a name. And was trying to remember where else I had seen it.

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