“Intersectionality” and Its Threat to the Gospel

Rosaria Butterfield was once a darling of the left. 

No more.

She was converted to Christ in 1999 and left behind her former life as a lesbian and LGBTQ advocate and advisor to students at Syracuse University. Now she is a married, mother and pastor’s wife who travels, writes and speaks on many of the issues dividing our nation in two. One of the most destructive influences in the culture in many ways, the concept of “intersectionality,” flies under the radar of most people’s conciousness. Dr. Butterfield knows of what she speaks, as a former advocate of the concept but now, post conversion to Christ and the gospel, she is a voice of warning against its pernicious effect on culture. I encourage you to listen to her voice at the link below.

AGR Conference Audio—Intersectionality: What It Is And Why It Matters

11 thoughts on ““Intersectionality” and Its Threat to the Gospel

  1. Pastor Marty,
    Dr. Butterfield’s audio isn’t downloading. Thought I’d let you know.
    Blessings to you and Stephnie,

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Do you know how damaging this is to lesbians who have struggled to accept themselves as they are and not try to be straight? I respect her decision to live how she sees fit, but to push this poisonous mentality that being gay is something to be prayed away, you are actually hurting people.


    1. Rosaria’s approach is not what you think and your response makes me doubt that a) you listened to the post and b) that you understood what she said. She is not hateful. Her message is not “pray it away.” Her message is that the we are not what we feel we are but what our biology says we are and that embracing who God has made us to be is more freeing than following our feelings. Conversion to Christ makes the difference.


      1. So she is claiming she was never a lesbian? I am a woman who is attracted only to women. My biology says I cannot be a man, nothing more than that. Or are you saying lesbianism is “unnatural?”


        1. First, let me say, I am so sorry for the abusive marriage you experienced. What a horror. I hope that your ex-husband finally was prosecuted in some way for his behavior and abuse. If he wasn’t, I will pray that he is someday with the certain knowledge that if he does not repent before God for his treatment of you, the maker of us all will not allow him to escape judgment. Also, though we are about to disagree, I want you to know at least that if we met, I would treat you with respect, would love you as a human being and defend you from physical harm if I had opportunity to do so.

          Her position, and mine, is yes that same-sex behavior is sinful. Attraction is simply that, attraction. A reporter once asked me, “Is your church against homosexuality?” My response was, “I’m glad you phrased your question the way you did. We would be against the action but not the person.” “What’s the difference?” the reported asked.

          “One is a behavior and the other is a person. We would be for the person but against the behavior.” That ended the interview but what I would have followed up with is something like this.

          If God has made us male and female genetically we should follow the science and view attraction to same sex expression as a movement in the direction that does not further human flourishing. We live in a fallen world where some of our desires are not always in our best interests.

          Therefore, the Christian position for almost all of the history of the church has been to call all people male and female, both straight and same-sex attracted, to the biblical standard of sex is a gift of God given to a man and woman in a committed and loving relationship in marriage. All other sex outside of marriage, however pleasurable in the moment, is outside of his will and is therefore, by definition, less than what is best for us.

          I wish you all the best which means that I pray that you will give Rosaria and my friend Christopher Yuan (author of the book, Holy Sexuality) a fair and thoughtful hearing. You may not agree with them but you will atleast know that they neither hate you nor desire anything than the best possible life for you.


        2. Sorry Marty, I disagree with everything you said, I would rather you kept your prayers to yourself, and no, there is no way I would ever read that book. Kind regards an EX CHRISTIAN


        3. I was afraid that might be your response based on some things I read on your BLOG. Nevertheless, my prayers will still ascend to God and my good wishes still go out to you. Always a friend of Jesus and you.


      2. Also Marty, the fact she has a man talking for her, instead of her doing the talking says reams. Im so sorry she hated who she was, the last thing gay people need is more self hatred.


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