Who is the “Buddy” that is Pushing You to Grow in Christ?

I haven’t become a political operative or a republican. But this came to me by email today as a fund raising appeal for Dan Crenshaw from his wife. That’s not why I am posting it here. In fact, I have cut out the last few paragraphs that give the fund raising appeal.

But the story she tells is a good story on the need for accountability and encouragement and I want to apply it to discipleship. Who is the buddy who is pushing you to grow in Christ? Who is the one who sings the melody of the gospel for you when your memory and stamina and will are waning and you need some encouragement to stay the course? Don’t have one? Find one.

We all need accountability and encouragement.

[Letter begins below.]

You’ve probably heard of my husband Dan Crenshaw. He’s beginning his second term as a Republican Congressman from Texas, representing the neighborhoods and communities around Houston.

Before Dan was elected to Congress, he served our country for ten years as a Navy SEAL. It was during Dan’s SEAL training, referred to as BUD/S, that I met Dan.

While Dan was in BUD/S, I needed a challenge… a goal to work towards. So, I decided I would run a marathon.

After two months of preparation, race day arrived. Dan was excited to cheer me on and watch me meet this goal. At mile 19, he jumped on the course to run a few miles with me. Dan wanted the experience of us running the marathon together.

If you’ve ever run a marathon, you come to a point where you hit a mental wall, and your body shuts down. Mine came at mile 23. I could not take one more step, and I told Dan that I didn’t think I could finish.

Dan said, “I am going to put my hand on your back and give you a slight push.” It sounded strange, but at this point, I was willing to try anything. He did. My legs started moving, and I finished the race.

This is called a buddy push. In BUD/S, you are paired up with a buddy, and when you are not able to run one more step, your buddy gives you a push to keep you going.

That day, Dan was my buddy, and we’ve been a team supporting each other ever since.

When Dan was severely injured during his third deployment, I was by his side throughout his recovery, always there to give him a buddy push when needed.

During the long and exhausting days of our first campaign for Congress, Dan and I were there for each other, giving each other a buddy push along the way.

Who is your buddy?

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