Bible Window-Shoppers


“A familiar figure on the streets is the window-shopper who moves along gazing fondly in each show-window but buying nothing. In the realm of things spiritual we have with us the Bible window-shopper. He moves along through the Book reading its precious promises, hearing its high challenges, looking at its deep messages of peace and power and victory. But he never makes them his own. He appreciates but does not appropriate. He respects his Bible, argues for it, counts it dear, but its rich treasures never become living realities in his own experience. He is a window-shopper amongst the storehouses of God’s revealed truth.”

—Vance Vavner

Let’s not be window-shoppers. Let’s be men and women who do more than window-shop. Let’s be men and women who meditate on, and live out the truths we treasure every day.

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