O Come, All You UNfaithful

Christmas is near.

I love it when I find or someone sends me new artists or songs of praise that have substance to their thinking. I’m so tired of “Christian songs” that are more about the singer than they are about Jesus and the Kingdom. Songs with good theology that exalt the Living God, the Enfleshed One, the Resurrected One, the Coming One are the crying need of my heart. Because my heart, like your heart is forever leaning away from God on the Pilgrim journey. I need reminders of my need. I need new God-entranced visions of glory. I need Jesus like the human body needs air. So it was a delight when the song, O Come, All You Unfaithful, crossed my path today. It is always good to be reminded of what Christmas is all about.

I hope you enjoy these two versions.

O Come All You Unfaithful

One thought on “O Come, All You UNfaithful

  1. Is the first day of the week the Lord’s Day to exalt and worship the LORD, God, the Almighty or a day to make our wishes and wants known to a Gimme god?

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