A Flesh Encased God

A celebration of God and the wonder of a God that would stoop so low as to become one of us. That’s how side B of NO COMPROMISE begins with a song titled simply, “You!.” As with most of Keith’s music, there is a relentless push toward the proclamation of the gospel through the grid of a gifted evangelist. He invites us with every song to see and follow the LORD who he has seen and begun to follow because that God is magnificent. So, this day, I too invite you to meditate on the wonder of a God dressing Himself in flesh to tell us of His love.

Matthew 24:44
“Therefore you also must be ready,
for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.”     


[Verse 1]
You who made the whole world with Your hand
Walked along this land
Humbled as a man
You came down
And You, changing the water to wine
Gave Your greatest sign
By changing lives like mine

How did You know
I’d eventually go and take You for the Lord of my life?
I’m so glad for

[Verse 2]
How did You stand the shame
When they laughed at Your name?
Your Father felt such pain
Well, how’d You take it?
But You spoke not a word to defend
‘Cause they’d see in the end
When You rose again

[Chorus 2]
Whenever You spoke
All the demons awoke
And would tremble with fear at Your sight

[Verse 3]
And You, loving a world filled with hate
And though the hour is late
You still choose to wait
But it won’t be long until
You take the whole world by surprise
They won’t believe their eyes
When You come through the skies

[Chorus 3]
When You return
All the foolish will learn
That they waited too long to decide


Don’t wait too long to decide
Don’t wait too long to decide
Don’t wait too long to decide
Don’t wait too long to decide

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