Church Planting Training Opportunities

Some of you know that I have had a long time association with Dynamic Church Planting International. In my opinion, they may be most prolific and effective church planting accelerators in the history of the Church.

That is a big claim but I think the numbers and impacts are there to back it up. One of the things I love about them is that they “fly under the radar.” There is not big Public Relations budget; no big fanfare; no big marketing campaign associated with them. They just go out and quietly train more church planters and church planting teams in more countries and locations than other church planting organization in history. Period.

They train church planters and church planting churches to do what they do more effectively and more biblically than any other group I know of. And they do it for FREE. That’s right, they offer all their training for free both here in the states as well as internationally. The Link below will give you three different options for online training events over the next two months.

Two of them are evening options on four consecutive Thursday or Friday nites (6-9 PM) and the third option is for a Monday – Wednesday (9-12 AM and 6-9 PM).  Two different trainings, three differnt events. Pick the one that works for you and refurbish your thinking or get new training for FREE. I am NOT teaching in these, but I may drop in for a few of the sessions on Churches Planting Churches.

Dynamic Church Planting International

Sign up and attend but don’t delay.

Contact me personally if you are looking for a Church-planting mentor at

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