Can I Brag a Bit?

Tuesday is for Reminiscing

Family Pic
Aubre is the one in the dark blue shirt between my parents

The picture above is of our family at a Family Reunion
on the Jersey shore some 20 years ago.

I want to tell you about my daughter, but this story starts with my son.

Some years ago, inspired by my son’s fantastic poetry, I was encouraged to continue to work on a project that I had conceived before I started to BLOG and while all of my children were still in the their teens. The idea was to try to write a “poetic reflection” on each of the psalms in the Old Testament. 

I was under no illusions. My poetry was nothing that anyone would ever identify as “high art”. My talents are too shallow and my patience too thin to craft words well for anything than short bursts. Nevertheless, I found that the form, poetry that is, whether rhymed, metered, free or parallel was helpful for my own deeper understanding of the text and so it might be helpful to others. I labeled the project, THE POETRY PROJECT. [Not very creative but, there it is.]

One year when my youngest daughter asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said,

“You know, what I would really like is short piece of music that I could attach to the poems in the Poetry Project. What I am thinking of is something that is between 3 and 5 minutes long that would help create a reflective texture for people who come to the BLOG and find one of the Poetry Project offerings. They could read the reflection to the sound and rhythm of the music.”

That Christmas, Aubre gave me a sound file that she had created on a piano after going into a friend’s studio. I thought it was marvelous. I think it is hauntingly beautiful and full of feeling. It took me about a year to figure out how to get it on the BLOG, but once I did it became a constant companion for me whenever I sat down to reflect on what I was learning in the psalms. And apparently, it has been a help to many others. Over the last few weeks, I have noticed in the advanced metrics of what is happening on the BLOG that over 350 people have downloaded Aubre’s sound file, apparently for their own use!

So today, I’m bragging on my youngest daughter. I’m proud of her and I hope that she has a mighty impact for God on the people who hear her music, who know her personally, and who love her like her mother and I do. She is a treasure and her music is a constant reminder to my aging soul that God has gifted us with her.

O, and if you want to hear the music she created, go to the top of this post and click on the black bar on the right side of the screen. It will start to play. Or go to The Poetry Project page and read any of the offerings there after clicking on “Aubre’s Gift” which is what I called the untitled piece that she gave as a Christmas present to a father who asked.

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