O God, Give Us Hearts for Conversion

Laboring for King and Kingdom

Fountain 4

“If you would prosper in your work, be sure to keep up earnest desires and expectations of success. If your hearts be not set on the end of your labors, and you long not to see the conversion and edification of your hearers, and do not study and preach in hope, you are not likely to see much success. As it is a sign of a false, self-seeking heart, that can be content to be still doing, and yet see no fruit of his labor; so I have observed that God seldom blesseth any man’s work so much as his, whose heart is set upon success of it.”
—Richard Baxter,
The Reformed Pastor

“O God, give us a holy passion to not just be busy, not just be active, but to see your mighty hand at work in and through our labor to see souls brought into the kingdom, to see lives changed by the gospel, to see lost people found, to see men and women, young and old repent of sin and believe in Your lovingkindness and mercy. Lord, may we see people from every tribe and tongue, every size and color bow their knee to You and become like the Savior as a result of the labors of our ministry. O God don’t let us be busy without fruit. For Your glory and from underneath the blood of Christ that cleanses us from sin, we ask it. Amen.”

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