Keeping the First Commandment – How to Build a World

Sunday Afternoon Musing

“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”    Exodus 20:3

Ten-Commandments (Charlton Heston)

“If we kept that commandment all the other commandments would be obeyed. If we secure this queenbee we are given the swarm. To put nothing ‘before’ God! What is left in the circle of obedience? God first, always and everywhere. Nothing allowed to usurp His throne for an hour! I was once allowed to sit on an earthly throne for a few seconds, but even that is not to be allowed with the throne of God. Nothing is to share his sovereignty, even for a moment. His dominion  is to be unconditional and unbroken. ‘Thou shalt have no other gods beside Me.’

“Our real kingship is in the acknowledgment
of the the King of kings.”

But we have many gods we set upon His throne. We put money there, and fame, and pleasure, and ease. Yes, we sometimes usurp God’s throne, and we ourselves dare to sit there for days, and weeks, and years, at a time. Self is the idol, and we enthrone it, and we fall down and worship it. But no peace comes from such sovereignty, and no deep and vitial joy. For the real King is not dead, and He is out and about and our poor little monarchy is as the reign of the midge on a summer’s night. Our real kingship is in the acknowlegment of the the King of kings. When we worship Him, and Him only, He will ask us to sit on His throne [with Him].

John Henry Jowett
My Daily Meditation

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