A Sabbath Week of Praise — Wednesday

Wednesday Praise for the King of this Morning

The Beauty of Age

Remind your heart this morning with these words and thoughts from Psalm 10
that your God is worthy of praise with every breath you take today.

“We praise You O God for Your longsuffering with us.
You are King forever and ever,
yet You continue to demonstrate your patience and mercy
toward us.
You hear the desire of the afflicted,
and strengthen the heart of the weak.
We praise You, for You are the vindicator of the poor
and do justice for the fatherless.
Your character gives us hope
that our affliction will not be forever
and so, we give You praise and honor
and declare the greatness of Your name
as we begin this day.

cf. Psalm 10:12-18

A Wednesday Praise for the King in the Mid-Day Hour

“We will sing a new song,
for we awoke this morning to new mercies.
Your grace has followed us thus far this day
and so we praise You O God
for You have set our feet on the Rock.

You have promised to bless the one who makes You his trust
and so we praise You.

You have promised to not restrain your mercy for us
and so we praise you.

Your word declares that Your steadfast love and faithfulness will preserve us,
therefore we praise You for You are our help and deliverer.

And we will continue to praise You because Your promises never change.”

Psalm 40:1-3, 10-11; 70:5

A Wednesday Praise of the King in the Evening

“The noise of our heart is praise,
for our meditation is on You and Your word.

There is joy in our heart
because of Your steadfast love.

You allow us into Your presence
through the atoning blood of Your Son,
therefore our praise ascends as this day comes to a close.

You are attentive to our pleas for mercy
therefore we praise You O God,
for we know how much we need Your grace.

And so, we rest in Your arms this night,
for You are worthy of all our trust.”

cf. Psalm 100 and 130

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