A Sabbath Week of Praise — Tuesday

Stacked Stones 1All this week I am posting a brief series in three movements:
  • A morning praise to greet the day
  • A mid-day praise to remind our hearts of our God’s greatness
  • An evening praise to finish off the day

Most of these will be infused with the language of the psalms based on a 30 day reading plan to complete the reading of the full psalter in one month. Each day’s plan includes the psalm that corresponds to the day (today is the 9th, therefore the Psalm 9), and then plus 30, four times, (therefore, Psalm 39, 69, 99, 129). I hope they help to fill up our leaky souls and keep them focused on the greatness of our God. They are written the night before, posted at midnight to greet you in the morning. I use them myself in the morning to point my soul in th right direction.

Praise Him in the Morning

Remind your heart this morning with these words and thoughts from Psalm 9
that your God is worthy of praise with every breath you take today.

“Blessed are You Lord our God
who makes the sun to shine
and the birds to sing.
We sing praise to Your name
for Your lovingkindness abides forever
and You never forsake those who seek You.
We praise You because You are a stronghold for the oppressed.
In midst of our pain, and confusion, and sorrow,
we give You praise
because You remain our stronghold in times of trouble.”

cf. Psalm 9:2, 7-10

Praise Him in the Mid-Day Hour

“You know my folly, yet I am Yours.                                             Praise to You O God.
You know I have sunk in the mire, yet I am Yours.                   Praise to You O God.
You know I am weary and weak, yet I am Yours.                      Praise to You O God.
You know my wrongs, yet I am Yours.                                         Praise to You O God.
You know all the things I try to hide, yet I am Yours.               Praise to You O God.
You have borne our burdens, because we are Yours.               Praise to You O God.
We sing praise to You O God, for all these joys
that we do not deserve but we gratefully receive.
And we proclaim that You are awesome in Your sanctuary.
Our hearts are Your dwelling place,
Emmanuel, God with us.                                                                 Praise to You O God.
Both now and forever.”

cf. Psalm 69:1-5, 19, 32-35;
Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23

Praise Him in the Evening

“Blessed are You Lord God of creation,
for You reign and are enthroned
and all of heaven adores You,
for they know You are holy and love justice.

And so, this evening, before we take our rest,
we exalt Your name again,
and we remind our hearts that You will be our protector,
and the enemy will not prevail over us.
We praise you for Your goodness
and exalt in being Yours now and forever.”

cf. Psalm 99:1-5; 129:1-2

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