Sanctifying the Day

A continuing series based on the Hebrew pattern of the first century of sanctifying the day by reminding the heart of its need for God.

Mountain Stream 3

A Morning Call to Worship

“Lord, as we begin this day,
incline our hearts to Your testimonies.
Confirm Your promises to us
that our hearts would be wise in our fear of You.
Make us this day to long for your precepts,
like a deer pants for water brooks.
Indeed O God, make us yearn for You
like that deer,
and don’t let us be satisfied with anything less than You.”

cf. Psalm 119:33-40; 42:1

A Mid-Day Call to Revival

“When we come into Thy presence
and we see the glory of Thy perfections,
we are humbled and cry out that only You are holy,
and are embarassed at how unholy we are.
We grieve to think how insensible we have been
of Thy claims on our lives,
and how little we have trusted in Thy promises,
      feared Thy threats,
obeyed Thy commands,
improved our advantages,
welcomed Thy warnings,
and responded to Thy grace.
Lead us, O God, to repentance;
restore us to love we had at first
and renew our joy of walking with Thee.”

adapted from The Valley of Vision,
p. 210-211

An Evening Benediction

“The nations are a drop in a bucket to our God,
They are regarded as a speck of dust on the scales.

And yet He has made us His own.
He sits on the vault of heaven,
yet inclines His ear to us.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for us;
we can’t comprehend its compass.
But we can bow this night in peace,
knowing that He will not abandon us in the night.”

cf. Isaiah 40:15, 17, 22-23; Psalm 139:6; Hebrews 13:5

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