On the Importance of Hymns and Singing

I know this has happened to you too. You went to Youtube and saw a video, maybe it was a music video, or a teaching video, or a movie short, or a full length movie. After the movie, or teaching, or song, something else popped up in the queue and before you knew it, you were locked up in a new video.

It happened to me yesterday. The next video automatically started to play and there I was, ingrossed in an interview with Bill and Gloria Gaither. True confession, I have never been a big fan of their music, (don’t hate me, just not my style generally) but this interview was wonderful. And Gloria’s comments at one point were profound and both wonderfully thoughtful as well as heart-felt. So much so that I stopped the video and transcribed her comments (see below). I hope her words will inspire you today to live passionately for and like Jesus.

Philly Garden 6

“Hymns are portable pieces of theology that throw us a lifeline when we need it. And its really important; its very similar to learning the word of God. The wonderful verse from Psalm 119[11],

‘Thy word have I hid in my heart
that I might not sin against Thee,’

                                                                is also true of hymns, if we don’t hide them in our heart before we think we need them, then they won’t be there to pull us out when we need them. I think its important that parents teach children the importance of things they don’t understand. . . . Don’t worry that you say, ‘well . . . my child can’t understand this.” They will. The time will come when they will understand it. If they don’t learn it before they need it, it won’t be there to serve.”

Gloria Gaither

With a quote like that from a very wise woman, I couldn’t help but include a hymn that is composed of just the word of God. The band, Sons of Korah is from Austrailia and is known for taking the Scripture, and with very few changes putting them to music. To date, they have coverd over 50 of the 150 psalms in the psalter. I recommend them.

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