Magnify the Lord as You Rise

Sanctify the Day Together — a Call to Worship

Volume 1 Day 11

South Carolina 1

“In the stillness of this morning
once again we come to You.
We are blind to what will be in this day.
But You see it all even before it is. 
You know where every footfall of this day will land.
You know every person we will see, every challenge we will face.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for us to comprehend
but we delight in knowing that such a God, with such 
awesome knowledge and power is saturated with love for us.
You have already demonstrated Your love 
in that even though we were captured by sin
You died for us and rose for us and promised to come back for us.
So Lord, again we give You this day
and ask that You magnify Yourself in us 
that the world might know that Your word is true
and that we are Your people.
May we walk with God this day
acknowledging His presence,
looking for His hand.
serving His purposes,
enjoying His embrace. Amen.”

Cf. Romans 5:8; Psalm 9

Encourage someone today. Pass it on.

Magnify the Lord as you walk this day.

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